About Us

We’re a team of hardworking and ambitious entrepreneurs who would like to make a change in the world through what we do. We’d like to bring our entertainment services to everyone globally for a fraction of the cost.

We aim to help translators, free lancers, and creative writers all over the world a new way of working and generating incomes for their hard work.

Currently, we own two large sized entertainment websites which are online novel and online manga. Both sites are ranked as #88 and #110 in arts & entertainment category ranking worldwide.

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Our Mission


Tylloga was created with a mission to be able to bring the best and most affordable entertainment services to people around the world. It also aims to create a community where people can connect and share their interests.

At this moment, our main focus is on online novels& manga’s. We’re planning to add three more business lines into our existing business - online gaming, content hub for original writers, and arts & entertainment networks.

Our Traffic

We have an average of more than 3 million unique visitors a month with over 100 + millions of page views.

Our traffic consists of:

40% USA
30% ASIA
12% Europe
18% - the rest of the world

54% Male/ 46% Female

Millennials (18-34)

Demographics of our users worldwide

    Main interests:
  • 1. Sport/Fitness
  • 2. Computers & Electronics
  • 3. Cooking & Recipe
  • 4. Travel
  • 5. Historical sites & Buildings

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